Tu voz por los animales

Underlying philosophy

Ánima is an organization made up of volunteers devoted to contribute to development of a relationship with non human animals, based on a deep respect towards them.

We aspire to generate a place-time for reflection about the impressive degree of suffering that millions of animals are submitted to all around the world, treated as «things» at the service of any kind of diferent human interests.

We believe that to extend the circle of ethic concerns including all sentient beings in it is essential to take animals seriosly. Unlike the attitudes that attempt to minimize suffering, we wish to abolish it absolutely, be it physical or psychological, for which we propose the legal asignation of fundamental basic rights.

We work to propose an outlook toward the animal based on the his/her life valuation, far away from the current speciesist attitude, that is, the discrimination in relation to the species, as condemnable as racism or sexism. The barrier raised between animals on one side and humans on another, doesn’t exist. We are human animals. The greater intellective development of human species is not more impressive than the similitude in the capacity to feel and in the desire to live that it shares with all animal life. The logical consequence is the adoption of a vegan lifestyle.

We demand the inmediate suspension of animal experimentation. The ‘animal model ‘ of experimentation not only represents a serious ethic matter but it is part of erroneous focussing on the study of human diseases and treatment that induces new causes of illness, most of the times irreversible.We support the development of preventive medicine into the social and individual scope. In the education area, vivisection teaches fundamentally not to respect the animal ‘s life. In this sense we agree and unite with Scientific Antivivisection.

We denounce all focus generating violence against the animal and its relation with general violence in human society, particullary against women and children.

We promote the knowledge of animal individual, specially those who cohabit with us as companion animals. They need protection and care but they aren’t our property. Society should collaborate to control their reproduction by spay and neuter programmes and adoption campaigns supported by municipalities with the colaboration of private persons and protectionist groups.

This web site provides practical, legal and philosophical resources to sustain a change in the vanguard that finds more and more adepts among the argentine youth.
Ours activities comprise as well :

  • Diffusion campaigns.
  • Resources for schools.
  • Investigation works.
  • Private and legislative legal counseling.
  • Cooperation at international level, for which we are permanently in contact with associations in Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, United States and Brazil.
  • Coordination of an action net thorughout Argentina.

Although it isn’t necessary to be an activist for animal rights or to feel special empathy to awards them to respect them, the emotional approach can’t be separate to any rational construction, to which it reinforces and encourages. However, the simple and humble recognition of the capacity to suffer and enjoy that animals have -quality that makes them holders of their own interests- is enough to found an ethic of respect toward animal life. That is, also, towards our own life.